STEEL distribution
The total planned emission of STEEL token is 100,000,000.

Community (80%)

80% or 80 million STEEL tokens will be emitted (distributed) in various forms to liquidity farmers and token staking users over a period of 36 months. The daily emission of STEEL is subject to change, as the team creates new pools, deactivates pools, changes the rate of rewards for some pools or allocates some STEEL rewards as boosted rewards to incentivize a pool with a partner of IronFinance.

Team (20%)

20% or 20 million STEEL tokens of the total supply is reserved for the team of IronFinance. This amount is paid to the team linearly over a 12 months period. These funds will be used to pay for salaries, marketing expenses, audit costs and all other expenses the team must pay for to grow the protocol.
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